The Advantages And Aspects Of E-Commerce In Internet Banking

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Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through internet. It can be transmitting funds or data also. These transactions mainly occur between business to business, businesses to consumer, consumer to consumer or consumer to business.
In the 21st century internet banking is a convenient way to do banking operations from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. It simply avoids unnecessary formalities and reduces delay in transactions. ICIC Bank provides unmatched online experience to their customers through their internet banking. If customers have opened their account recently they will be provided with the User Id and password. Customers have to just log in with their user id and password to enjoy their internet banking facility.
ICICI Bank offers a host of services and facilities to their customers that will give real time access to their accounts. Such features are:
• Transfers
Internet banking is a convenient and secure way to transfer funds to ICICI Bank accounts and non-ICICI bank accounts. Customers can transfer funds 24*7 even Sundays and bank holidays. Customers can do fund transfer, IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), Card less cash withdrawal, fund transfer abroad, receive funds, send money order and donate online.

• Bill Payments
Customers can pay their bills online through internet banking facility. Customers can register their billers to make payments to them. They can

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