The Advantages And Benefits Of Online Shopping

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The Information revolution is changing our daily lives. Along with the explosion of the Internet and social networks, online commerce is growing stronger than ever and plays an important role in the modern world (KIYICT, 2012). More than 85% of world’s online population has ordered goods over the internet during the recent year (Cheema, Rizwan, Falal, Durrani & Sohail, 2013). It can be witnessed that, online shopping brings about not only advantages but also disadvantages. According to Cimigo NetCitizens market research (2012), more than 50% of internet users agree that they can choose a variety of products through online shopping, but the level of trust in the security of online shopping is safe. Therefore, to get an accurate
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My primary focuses are advantages and dangers of online shopping. Benefits of online shopping
Once you have entered the world of online fashion shopping, you will not easily get out. So what makes the online shopping world so attractive? The first major factor is flexibility when shopping. Another great advantage of online shopping is the flexibility of shopping. Since online stores do not have holidays, closures or any other issues. With office
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Firstly, do not always buy online is also convenient and fast. Masoud (2013) and Forsythe and (2002) demonstrated that many shops or items are often difficult for navigation and submitting the order. Moreover, when the customer has too many options, they are more confused and cannot decide at all. Consequently, many people spend a lot of time finding appropriate web sites and receiving products after shopping. Secondly, online shopping brings financial risks which are explained as a net loss of money to a customer by many writing masters such as Derbaix (1983), Masoud (2013) Horton (1976) and Sweeney (1999). By spear phishing, attackers can easily have specific personal or institutional information of organizations. The frauuds on the internet vary widely in terms of their complexity, the quality of the forgery, and the attacker 's objective but they all cause consumers undue financial losses. Forsythe and Shi (2002) and Maignan and Lukas (1997) mentioned that ordinarily, credit card or personal information was stolen takes away the privacy of the buyer and becomes the prey of the scammer. Otherwise, many stores take advantage of the downside of the internet that cannot test directly so buyers can only rely on the limited amount of information to purchase. "On Risk, Convenience, and Internet Shopping Behavior" (2000) emphasized

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