Negative Effects Of Social Media On Our Society

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Social media has taken over many peoples lives, it’s something that most of us use on a daily basis. In fact, most teenagers nowadays could not really imagine life without it as 71% of us are daily active users. Our whole life basically revolves around social media but many of us are now asking: is it harming our society?

There are no doubts that social media has its benefits: for example, it gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with friends and family that we may have not seen in years due to them moving away. It allows us to share special moments whether it is a wedding or someone’s birthday through posting pictures and adding comments. Not only can you keep in touch through social media, but it also allows us to communicate in different ways such as email and facetime. Social media makes
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Social network sites like Instagram allows us to only show what we want to show, this can lead us to compare our own life to other people’s which definitely has a negative impact on our mental health as it can lead to confidence issues resulting in negative thoughts and feelings. Psychologist Dr Paula Durlofsky conducted a study in which it clearly demonstrated ‘a correlation between social media activity and mental health issues like body dysmorphia and depression.’ This shows that people who use social media frequently are at a much higher risk of developing these mental health issues.

To conclude, its clear to see that social media does affect our society both positively and negatively. Social media is relatively new so the positives and negatives will change as they update. However, I think that the positive effects definitely outweigh the negatives due to the reasons above and many more like helping with education and the efficiency that it
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