The Advantages And Consequences Of Nursing Shortage

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Nursing Shortage is a problem we all should be aware of. There are many factors that may lead to a nursing shortage, such as having stressful and unsafe working environments, and our nurses are being overworked. This is a problem we should be aware of because it is affecting the patient care. Nurses, would not have enough time to stay with a patient if they have more patients to worry about. Nurses play a big role in our hospitals and communities. They are important to have because of their significant roles and tasks they have in not only hospitals, but clinics and even private practices. Overworking nurses lead to a more stressful environment, patients get lower quality care, and nurses should have better pay and benefits. Having a nursing shortage is a big problem, which may cause many stressful conditions. The nursing shortage increases opportunity, but with opportunity, comes with some consequences. Job dissatisfaction can result in exhaustion, and injury if nurses work long hours in their stressful working conditions. Nurses would be more prone to making mistakes and errors in these environments. The patients can suffer from low quality care. This shows how stressed nurses are from being overworked. They work long, stressful hours that can put their body 's health at risk. This can lead to a nursing shortage because of nurses being dissatisfied with their jobs. Another piece of evidence was about how the nurse-to-patient ratio decreases, and nurses are feeling

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