The Advantages And Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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What is social media? There are many networking sites, such us, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, YouTube, Wikipedia, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Viber. They are all part of social media and also have a big part from someone’s life. Social media is based of communication and making friendships. If you use networking sites or you are thinking to try it you may have a lot questions about the advantages and disadvantages of social networking. To begin with social media has many advantages. First, world wide connectivity, No matter what you are trying to search for, and what you are trying to do online. You will always have the opportunity to find what you want in a good way. For example, Facebook is good for meeting new friends and people world wide.…show more content…
First, social media can destroy face to face communications. When you have a problem it is hard to ignore, be rude, or say no to someone in their face. But it is so easy to refuse people or unfollow them in Facebook, Instagram or twitter and that means all your problems are solved. That means you will not learn how to solve all your problems face to face and how to deal with people in real life. Teenagers are the most risky age because in this age they learn how to interact with people and build relationships. Second, it causes crimes towards children. Using social media can be harmful and not good for children unless parents watch their children and what they are doing online. There Is a study who said that 93% of children between the ages 12 – 17 use the internet and 63% from them use it is also dangerous for children who search for not good websites and that sometimes cause a psychological problems in their minds. Third, it leads to identity theft. Unfortunately if you update your personal papers or information online, there will always be a chance to be stole. Many online thieves who can steal and access anything they want and take whatever they like, and your life will turn to a nightmare in seconds and you will lose everything you have. Therefore, you have to protect your life. Forth, it is a time waster. Social media can be a big time waster in your life. It is known that most of the time…show more content…
Fifth and last, it reduces families closeness. When other family have a family time and watching games together or anything on TV or spend a valuable time together. Others are on their phones, family members are talking with each other even when they are in same house. They lose their communication and they will have cold feeling towards each other. In addition, social media have effects of the social media on teens and especially girls. Social media has a big influence on young girls. Marketing is everywhere they go. When they turn on the television they found a huge advertisement about clothes and that they can buy online with seduction; such us, free shipping and a low prize. Also in fashion magazines when teens readers see in every page a photo-shopped model advertising for some world wild brands like Victoria Secret and more others. Girls think that this make them “happier” or “prettier”, but this is not true and a waste of money because businesses will always try to market their product in the best way ever. Therefore, girls should always learn how to control and make up their mind to differentiate between the good and bad. Moreover when girls see these photo-shopped images of models that girls

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