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Abstract: Mobile computing is human-computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, mobile hardware and mobile software [1]. Today’s smart phones have lot of effective hardware with software. But current smart phones not smart enough. Let see the mobile cloud based on 5G in this paper. Introduction to 5G 5G (5th generation wireless system) is a next major phase of mobile telecommunications standard beyond the upcoming 4G standards. 5G Technology stands for 5th Generation Mobile Technology. It has changed the means to use cell phones within very high bandwidth. User never experienced ever before such a high value technology [2]. 5G technology is going…show more content…
But the Poentials of Sensor-enalbled Smart phones have not exploited yet… like connecting to Heterogenous wireless networks, 4G/B4G, WiMAX, NFC. The role of Smartphones in Cloud Computing is like a gateway to the cloud, and the bridge of sensors. Challenges in current Smartphones: APIs of sensors of current mobile phones are diferent and not standardized and there is a gap between PaaS and SaaS. Programmers cannot easily use PaaS to develop new mobile applications. A set of standardized APIs for multi-sensing platform is needed to create new cloud applications for smart phones. Domain- specific platform as a service (aPaaS) is needed. Sensor-Enabled Mobile Clouds: The have a source cloud called Service cloud which is interact with the Multi-Sensed Cloud devices and Multi-Sensed Service Engine. The sub clouds are interact by 3G or WiFi. Multi-sensedd cloud devices having Mobile AR, Privacy Protection and Multi-Sensor Fusion and Multi-sensed service engine having Key elements like search engine, location tracking and sensor data processing and Virtual file system

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