The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Debit Cards

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Nowadays, debit cards are one of the most common forms of payment used in the world today. These are cards that look identical to credit cards, which are linked directly to your bank account. Whenever you make a purchase, the funds are taken directly from your account, resulting a simple and quick transaction. In my opinion, I believe that there are some enormous benefits from using debit card as a form of payment, but some negative things to consider as well. In this essay, I will elaborate further about the advantages and disadvantages of debit card to the people.

First and foremost, let’s elaborate on its advantages. Firstly, Debit cards are extremely convenient compared to cash notes. Why? This is because; it’s a card that contains the savings from your bank account. With that being said, we actually can cut time when paying bills on a hectic place. As an example, when the queues are far long in a mall, you can cut the time by just giving out your debit card. Unlike money, you have to double count it to make sure you’re not giving out extra money. Vice versa with the retailers, they don’t have to go through a short amount of money after closing the store. Therefore, thin card is better and safer than 20 or 30 notes in your wallet.

Next, it is a sort of cash but it is a card. Sure, cash notes have been dominating the markets and the economy, but if we look into the other side of it, cash notes production does impact with the environmental in this world. This means,

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