The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Education In Schools

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Education has always been a controversial issue among many education and religious groups for several years. It is believed that going to school and working really hard in order to get good grades and a good job are the steps you need to take to become successful. Today that idea has been challenged and proved invalid. Take Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for instance, they wanted to drop out because of the way the education system failed to teach them real life skills and experiences. Despite of some foreseeing benefits of schooling, from my perspective, there exist numerous disadvantages brought about by compulsory education and exam system.
To begin with, I strongly believe that schooling system is demolishing creativity of children. Students have gradually lost their capacity due to the dull teaching method. When children are at the age of learning about the world around them, no one taught them anything, they are thrown into an environment where they have to dig around, imagine and creative themselves. Then turns to school is a completely reverse so-called “nightmare”. At school, they are put in one seat for hours, have to memorize the answers are available, while the role of the teacher is just wait until they get the right answer instead of fostering their creative thinking abilities. Gradually they would learn to stop questioning why, stop daydreaming and returned to the real world. School should be a place of joy and wonder, not just a reward and punishment system is
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