The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Media

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Consumers’ choice is sometimes base on how it was advertise, the quality of the product, brands name, and even the texture. Most of the companies indulge the risk of disadvantages that may happen in a business when people use electronic media to promote. Perhaps the advantages of using electronic media has been their motivation to undergo in a situation of unpredictable result of advertising. The 20th century is the beginning of producing newly-invented technology. Before people use electronics for broadcasting purpose and now through this, people adopted the modern way of communicating, and advertising products for business concern. As a matter of fact, online shopping is now possible through electronics. It only takes internet and personal computer and in an instant people can now have their own business. Many patronize online products nowadays because of its convenience and availability. The World Wide Web has influenced the world market and has gone very far in the field of business. Technology is absolutely a great help in improving the quality of people’s lives. Technology will be a great help in media…show more content…
Considering the wide use of internet which is doubtless the source of headlines, and news there is a huge possibility that business or brands name can easily receive negative feedbacks through internet. People are much updated on what are new, and trending through networking sites, they are getting used to it that they have the freedom to do so. According to Mr. Loreto Garcia, “The disadvantages are you will need to commit resources in managing your social media presence, responding to feedback and producing new content, it can be difficult to quantify the reform on investment and the value of one channel over another.” Furthermore, advertising with the use of electronic media can bring tough competition. Competition is always occurred in

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