The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Higher Education In Macedonia

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There are many perspectives that need to be regarded when it comes to higher education. In Macedonia particularly, the higher education is not the sky unreachable, but reasonably affordable almost for everyone. However, that does not seem to be the problem, because higher education is not comprised of college fees only, but many other additional fees that unfortunately are opulence-like living for the youngsters who want to pursue their dreams. Nevertheless, everything can be easily solved with regulations and reforms in the educational system. In the following passage I would try to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a free education system. There are two types of universities, public and private. Their budget is a great balance of the incomes and outcomes. Public universities have lower tuition fees because they are financed by the government, whereas private universities have their CEO and they finance themselves through the money they receive from the students. I would like to make a comparison with the American tax policy. Namely, in America the wealthy people pay higher taxes compared to the rest of the population there. Therefore, Macedonian education should function exactly in this way. Within the college application, the students should provide information about their financial standing. The universities, along with the governments should create a criterion-based university admission law that will include the criteria for the
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