The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ikea's International Strategy

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Global strategy is an international strategy that implements by a company which they doing their business in different countries. Internationalization is a process for IKEA expand its business and it was quite important because through the internationalization process, IKEA was able to gain a broader area of marketplace to sales their products, which will lead to profit and revenue increased and new market places existed mean new opportunity for IKEA to improve their product in order to meet the customers’ needs. The first reason that IKEA should go to international level is because the Swedish market is small and no enough for IKEA to expand itself. This is important for IKEA because the small market mean low opportunity, lower profit and …show more content…

Due to different country’s policy, different business model are required for IKEA to run their business. For examples, IKEA will need to implement joint ventures as their business model to become successful in the Indian and China marketplace. Since the government for these countries requires that local business operations own about 51% control by Indian nationals, IKEA 's should find the right partner for its own. There are some advantages and disadvantages for IKEA to implement Joint venture as their business model. For the advantages are provide an opportunity to IKEA to access to the new markets and distribution networks, increased capacity to expand their business in foreign market, IKEA can share the risks and costs together with their partners and it will help IKEA to access to local resources, including specialised staff, technology and finance aspect. For the disadvantages, IKEA’s partners may have the different objectives for the joint venture, there is an imbalance in levels of expertise, investment or assets which will cause the conflict happen between the IKEA and its partners, and different cultures and management policy will lead to poor integration and co-operation for IKEA’s joint venture decision making

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