Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Nuclear Energy

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People from all over the world use electricity in their daily lives and rely on it to make a living. With the ever-increasing demand for electricity it has become necessary to look at other forms of electricity generation.
There are a large number of energy sources that can be used to generate electricity, however not all of them are as efficient or environmentally friendly as others. This report will investigate the suitability of nuclear energy to generate electricity.
This report will look at an overview of other energy sources and then the history of using nuclear energy to generating electricity and the advantages and disadvantages of using nuclear energy.
1. Overview of other Energy Sources
There are a lot of energy sources around the
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Producing electricity from nuclear energy releases only hot water into the environment. The nuclear waste can be disposed of properly without damaging the environment. Coal contains both thorium and uranium and the radiation that the public gets from coal power plants is 100 times the amount that the public receives from nuclear plants (What is Nuclear, 2016).
4.2. Disadvantages
There have been a few dramatic incidents in the past few years with nuclear reactors and this is a big reason why some members of public are against nuclear energy. An example of such a dramatic incident is the Fukushima disaster in which a blackout was caused by a tsunami and due to that four plants had radiation leaks due to lack of cooling.
The cost of building nuclear power plants is much larger when compared to other types of power plants. There are plenty of systems that needs to be built to ensure that a plant can operate safely and the plants are very complex structures. The large initial cost keeps many investors from investing in nuclear energy, however it has been shown that the longer the plant has been active the more money the investors make (What is Nuclear,
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