The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Dating

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Online dating has its own advantages and disadvantages.There are many issues that our local journalist never fail to write about the problems faced by the online daters.There are few main disadvantages that are pretty well known among the people.Firstly,expectations are not met.There are few online dating sites that connect people from all over the world so there are chances that a Malaysian lady dating a Russian man because they are connecting through these sites.Distance becomes a main barrier for this relationship as it is not possible for them to travel back and forth to meet up with each other.The travel cost is extremely expensive let alone the expenses.There are cases where some people date for about five years but never gotten a chance to meet.While dating online,these couples are depending only on photos,videos and many more since they cannot meet up.There are cases when the partner lies about his or her identity by using fake profiles and the other partner never had clue this was happening and fall for the fake person.Since they are not meeting their partner in person,they would have their own mental image of the person who they’re dating.When the time comes for them to meet,they might be disappointed with their partners as the appearance,character and even when the interaction online and in person is different.This situations proves that expectation of a person is not met.Besides that,online dating can mislead to a different form of attraction.Studies shows
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