The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Phone Credit Card Processing

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You know that cashless payments are gaining momentum globally. You understand that you may be even losing customers by keeping your transactions cash-based. You are ready to take the plunge into the realm of credit card payments. You look for a credit card processing solution and suddenly, you are swamped with hundreds of options to choose from. Where do you start? Well, why not from the mobile phone in your palm?

Phone Credit Card Processing

Yes! You can accept and process your customer 's credit card (CC) from your mobile or any phone from any place that you get reception or have a land line connection. Phone credit card processing is one of the latest innovations in this technology and it is sometimes referred to as touch tone credit card processing.

How does it work

All you need to do is to call up your selected system and enter the transaction information as well as the customer 's CC details using the keypad of your phone. The system will immediately process the information and either accept or decline the transaction. If accepted, an authorization number will be given to you to be recorded onto a receipt which the customer will then have to sign. Now, how simple is that?


Well, the one positive feature that should by now be screaming at you is the SAVINGS! You will save so much on expensive Point-Of-Sale (POS) equipments or software that can set you back by anything between $150 and $1000. All you need is your phone!

This is perfect for you if you

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