The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Study At Students At Home

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So, people have to know that what self-study actually is. According to The Cambridge Dictionary, self-study is the way of learn a subject that involves studying alone at home, rather than in a classroom with a teacher. Then, we must know the crucial of learning alone, especially students at college and university. Because when students go to college or university, they will enter a class has many students, so the teacher could not repeat the lesson many times for those students who cannot understand it clearly. Moreover, if people who study at teaching centers, they will know that lessons are taught at more than an average speed, so they need to underline what was the teacher said and learnt it by themselves at home to comprehend it more clearly.
Self-study has been proven to be true that it has many advantages for students. First of all, when people study by themselves, they will find essential silence to get high concentration. Then, they will not be distracted so they will focus on their lessons. For example, students who study alone at home will not meet their friends to talk about gossip things that could make them tend to lose their concentration. Then, when people ask their friends about the lessons that they could not understand but they neither, so they will do it by themselves through finding source of books in the library or looking for the information on the internet. This proves that they are more progressive in their studying. But some people argue that
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