The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy And Wind Energy

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In the world, main form of source of energy that is used for the production of electricity is unrenewable sources. But, they have the main disadvantages of being limited and the environmental pollution. The other form of energy is the renewable energy, which includes solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, hydro-electricity, bio mass energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy etc. These are renewable and also environmental friendly. Sri Lanka is a country which is mostly depended on hydroelectricity and also coal together with a domestic scale solar energy and a little wind energy. It’s about 34% from hydro power, 38% from coal, 18% from thermal oil and the other 10% by the renewable sources.[1] Since Sri Lanka is situated in the tropical region and since it is an island, Sri Lanka gets a lot of sunlight and also wind. Therefore, with a better knowledge, wind and sun can be taken into account to produce electricity in domestic basis or in a large power system. Here, is it discussed about the off grid wind solar hybrid power system and how and why it can be taken into account in Sri Lanka is discussed in a nutshell at the latter part.

Producing electricity using solar energy and wind energy?
Solar energy: Solar energy is free and also it is the prime source of all the other energy sources and is unlimited. The heat generated by the Nuclear Fission on the sun is radiated onto the earth. This radiation carries a lot of energy which Tis about 10,000 times the energy

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