The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telecommuting

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The number of people working online from home has grown in some countries.
Internet has been gaining in popularity after 1996 years. Some working opportunity for people such as telecommuting also increase years by a year. By easy understanding, telecommuting is people working from home by using online. It also as knows as e-commuting. This kind of people can be working outside of office, often working from home, or location close to home such as coffee shop, libraries and etc. In 2017, FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics have released a report on telecommuting. There has been increase 115% in telecommuting between 2005 – 2015. There have average 50 % of telecommuters are 45 or older. Approximately 53 % are bachelor’s degree, compared to 37% of non-telecommuters. The average of income for telecommuters is $4000 per year higher than those who work on-site. For understanding more detail please refer By now, we can be sure telecommuting will become the mainstream of the world economy. For this we can see the signal from China, Ma Yun Known professionally as Jack Ma. He is the chairman of Alibaba Group, a conglomerate of internet-based businesses. He successful introduce Online purchase for all Chinese. From this stage he also successful solve over 1 million people unemployment problem. People can be telecommuting sell and purchase the goods. However, there still exists many limitations. For this topic, I will

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