Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working With Adults

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In teaching languages there are distinguished three age groups: young learners, adolescents and adult learners. Like other age groups, there are several specific features of teaching adults. First of all, adults have specific needs for learning a language. While children and teenagers are often learning the language unconsciously and without any specific needs, adults come to the classroom with certain expectations. Adults as a rule need ESP, not general English. The need in learning a foreign language is connected with the job. That is why the very first issue teacher should consider is the need for learning the language- adults already have some certain requirements. One of the biggest advantages of working with adults is their outlook. Adults have a wider outlook and more experience not only with language but with life as well. Moreover, unlike children, adults perceive everything they are taught- such…show more content…
This may be one of the difficulties while working with adults. Teachers often rely on students, thinking that adults are more responsible; or are shy to give comments on students’ behavior participation. This usually leads to low comprehension and poor results at the end of the course. There are many different situations that are specific to adults. Time-management may also cause difficulties as older-age students come from work or have other duties except for language classes. Another problem may be that students do not do the homework again saying they do not have enough time for this. However, the researchers prove that teachers must not turn a blind eye on these seemingly minor problems. If a teacher treats all students equally and sets specific rules- they will get accustomed to coming to class on time or doing all home

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