Argumentative Essay: Film Versus Digital Photography

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Film besides digital photography is fully different medium. They used for similar approaches, but they completely separate from one another. Film as well as digital act different things beneficial and compliment each other. Neither disappearing, however the film will become lesser in areas where the digital exceeds, like news. Film has already wiped out from professional newspaper use and similarly, no digital capture method has nearly replace 8x10" large format film for massive exhibition prints that need to be phenomenal detailed. I would have an easier time and get in less trouble by using film when quality expected. I favored the appearance of film than prickly digital look. Film takes much more work, but carefully builds up better skills for photographers who can complete the steps from shot to print all without a glitch. Either digital and film each serves a different purpose. Shooting film has given more the prospect to shoot on the different format that would not be able to shoot with digital. I am…show more content…
The look of the image from the film has a buttery and soft look also the colors are just beautiful actually were compared with the eyes. Third, film has visually beautiful grain than digital. One poorest things about digital is also the best things about the film, the grain. The grain that gets from the film is much finer looking and natural than digital, and it adds to the quality and personality of the photo. Forth, film has the soul. Film provides such a raw, vintage feel that is impossible to reach with digital even with retouching. Film gives uniqueness every single shot in each image. The fact of the greatest things about shooting with an analogue of overall is that it makes me think about what goal I poverty to capture. With digital, it is easy to shoot so many frames in a short amount of time without taking the time to think through posing and

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