The Advantages Of Communication Technology

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People nowadays living in a metropolitan world where is living in many modern technology. Many types of technology such as for communication we have handphone , gadget , computer , laptop and tablet. For technology of transport we have car , bike and many others. Technology plays on important role which is always used by peoples nowadays. For others peoples, technology can give many benefits for them their life become easily with modern technology such as tablet and car. People’s depence on technology has affected creativity and communication. Technology has many benefits for us to satay alive but it has also can give the negative impact for us in this time. There are a few points to show that the technology has some benefits and negative impact for us nowadays. For communication technology , it are very important for us and it give many benefits for user. Firsttly , by the communication technology , we can make a new friends. Such as we can knowm the friend on Instagram, facebook , whatsapp , twitter and we chat. We can find our new friend at anywhere such as in our country or out of our country. Next, by found the new friend, we can connected with others people from far away . For example, we can get interacting with our new friends where live in the progressive country such as Japan, China , Korea and United State.We…show more content…
First , relation of our family will be broken because people also use thei gadget and not spend their time with their family such as during the holidays. Second, from the communication technology , many gossip by the people increase. It is because we are too obvious with our gadget and post the unimportant things in our social media such as Instagram, facebook , and twitter. It can being gossips by the technology , people can make any fake news and scattered to the whole
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