The Advantages Of Eating Out

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- Hook:
Nowadays, our modern’s lifestyle is extremely busy and dynamic. Therefore, most of us, especially students and workers, do not have time to prepare or enjoy the moment when eating together in family’s meal than in the past.
- Background information:
Because of this reason, more and more services such as: food stands, fast-food store, cafeteria, canteen… appeared rapidly to satisfy our demand. Thus, we have more choices and it also create a tent to eat out. I found that there are some advantages of eating out as it is fast, convenient, delicious, no need to wash dishes, luxury… Yet, everything also have its disadvantages. So I prefer to eat at home because it is cheaper, healthier, even it takes more time to do.
- Thesis statement:
Therefore, I am going to explain specific why eating food at home bring many benefits and some aspects of the bad eating out habit affect us.
1. First main idea
- Topic sentence:
As you know, food safety and quality are the most important and concern issue that we have to care in every nation, especially our country when eat out’s ingredient is not clear, have dust on the street.
- Support:
Also, Ministry of Food Safety is out of
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- Concluding sentence:
Eating at home is not only the way to be healthy, it also have many valued aspects inside. CONCLUSION Both eating out and cooking at home are all have advantages . Yet, I still prefer eating at home because of the best solution and a good new habit. Therefore, we should limit the habit of eating outside and encourage people to change it. Just do some small things of your habit can make a big effect to your and your family’s
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