Disadvantages Of Face To Face Communication

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In the age we are currently living globalization is happening in the world at an impressive rate with every day having new technologies, therefore those technologies speeding up the rate of globalization even more. In the area of communication, the accomplishments made by the technology are outstanding, just thinking that in the recent past people sent cards that traveled possibly thousands of kilometers in distance to deliver a message. Now we are able to deliver a message from one side of the world to the opposite one in a matter of seconds it is actually impressive. Now more than ever in the age we are currently living and the fact that technology has multiple advantages, we need to realize the importance of face-to-face communication and its impact on the people’s lives. The primordial value of face-to-face interaction is being able to have eye contact, give a handshake, give a hug and feel the physical presence of the people. Just think about it for a second, can you hug someone through your device? Can you…show more content…
Learning with students from around the world is absolutely enhancing in multiple ways, such as: making long-lasting friendships, meeting new cultures, strengthening one's English, discovering new ways to observe and live the life, develop new social abilities, students have fun, students overcome our fears and plant unbelievable memories of life experience. When a student communicates with another individual by a digital device you might be able to listen to the voice through a voice message, read their respective text messages or even observe them on a video call but I don’t think that the communication will be as precise and enjoyable as if it was a face-to-face talk. If the student is communicating when he is in a rough mood and for some reason needs to deliver a voice message to someone, it is possible for this person to change the tone
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