Pros And Cons Of Intrauterine Devices

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Jimin Park
Ms. J Silvertand
Friday 9th March 2018

Intrauterine device
In the modern world, the numbers of females getting accidentally pregnant are higher than expected. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, such as birth control pills, the morning after pill, condoms. intrauterine devices and ligation. Unfortunately, intrauterine devices(IUD) are not well-known amongst the public. An IUD is a device made of plastic with the shape of a capital ‘t’. It is placed inside the uterus to work. The history, process, pros, cons, and cost will be discussed throughout the course of this essay.
The IUD was invented in the 19th century; however, physicians did not accept it because of the negative attitude of the infections with the stem pessaries.
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The IUD is one of the most effective contraceptives out there because this contraceptive has a 99% of success so this would mean that one out of a hundred people who use an IUD will get pregnant each year. With an IUD you can’t mess up using the contraceptive because after you have the IUD inserted you don’t have to do anything else because this contraceptive is not like a birth control pill this would not affect anything even though you miss a pill. Once you have inserted the IUD you don’t need to worry about anything else because you don’t have to do anything before sex to prevent pregnancy and this contraceptive prevents pregnancy for three to twelve years depending on the contraceptives. The IUD can get you pregnant after taking it out and the IUD would not affect anything to get pregnant after removed. The hormonal IUD can make your period lighter or even stop getting periods. The copper IUD can be used as an emergency contraceptive if you get it inserted in 120 hours.
The disadvantages of using an IUD is that the treatment when inserted is painful and after inserting the IUD you can get cramps and backaches for few days. IUD does not protect you from STD(sexually transmitted infections using a condom can reduce the chance of getting an STD. If you get an infection when you have an IUD fitted you may have a pelvic infection if not

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