The Advantages Of Nursing Audit In Nursing Practice

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This concept is derived from Block 5, Module 12 which is entitled as “Quality outcomes”.
Nursing audit is the process of assessing and evaluating the quality of nursing care provided to patients.
10.1 Personal context
Nursing audit entails assessing the quality of nursing services to determine if it meets up with the standard that is required. Nursing audit is done to evaluate the nursing care provided to patients, to achieve the required standard of nursing care, to enhance better records etc. nursing audit can either be retrospective or concurrent review. A retrospective review is the assessment of standard or quality of nursing services provided after patients have been discharged while a concurrent review involves assessing patients that are still hospitalized, monitoring the nurse that cares for the patient, and going through the patients record as well as plan of care. Nursing audit is of great relevance in nursing practice because it helps the nurse managers or administrators to ensure that patients receive quality care, planning in nursing practice is easier, resources are well allocated, ensures that accurate records of nursing care are well kept and it monitors the roles of staff that are involved in documenting care.
10.2 Social context
With changes in patients’ health needs, it is the duty of nurse managers to ensure that holistic care which can be obtained through appraisal in nursing services is
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