The Advantages Of Online Communication

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“What makes expat life so addictive is that every boring or mundane activity you experience at home (like grocery shopping, commuting to work or picking up the dry cleaning) is, when you move to a foreign country, suddenly transformed into an exciting adventure. Try finding peanut butter in a Japanese grocery story or explaining in broken Spanish to the Guatemalan pharmacy that you need cough drops and you’ll understand. When abroad, boredom, routine and ‘normal’ cease to exist. And all that’s left is the thrill and challenge of uncertainty.” – Reannon Muth Overview Abroad experience is always an existing way for setting apart people around from the rest of the crowd, it’s usually an indicator of some different characteristics; working, studying or just experiencing for a while different places is usually said that opens up people to a different level by getting them more worldly and employable. However, nowadays the internet and modern technologies keep on growing and creating new markets that gets to allow people around the globe get in touch, taking Cross-Cultural relationships into a new and different level and approach. Communication is usually a barrier being faced when transmitting a message, face to face people can interpret words, acts, gestures, but remotely thigs got a little bit more complicated limiting what we have to get the final message. Online communication has some good points such as bringing everyone together, and helping bring cross cultural

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