The Advantages Of Social Media

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Over the past two centuries, companies have adopted information technology (IT) to help the workers communicate with each other easily and to make the company more developed and up to date. Lately, social media or social networks are being used in firms to let the users, managers and clients communicate easily, from home, and also to design and manage new services and create new products.
Social networking is popular online, as it has generated more than a billion users, and can be classified into many categories such us social connections also known as social networking websites such us “Facebook”, “Myspace”, “Twitter”, “Instagram” or “Google+” and many more. These websites have attracted millions of users, and many
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Firstly, they allow the companies to have an instant feedback from their audience, and it is important for a company to know what are their advantages and disadvantages to improve and ameliorate their image. Although many see social media platforms only as a source of entertainment, it is actually helpful for businesses as they can display their products and services online without having to put a budget and see the reactions of their audience. It is also to help strengthen the image of their company and reassure their audiences are interested in what they have to offer. Another big advantage of online social networks is the information getting to its audience without a time constraint. For example, whenever there is a crisis in a country, it is more likely to be shown in the social media before television networks. Finally, social media is beneficial as it makes employers recruit new employees. Florentine stated, “Social media also allows for connections with candidates in a more personal and engaging manner” (2014,…show more content…
Case in point workers of one gathering may remark about low level work of an alternate gathering prompting pressures between them. Representatives can likewise show question against their managers or administration on an open gathering of online networking which stains picture of the organization. Juvenile emplyees can really get into "social networking" battle which can ruin entire environment of an organization.
Organization's picture might likewise get traded off if workers post awful remarks about the organization. Today prospective representatives to prospective customers everybody is on one or an alternate social networking. A negative picture (regardless of the possibility that false) can harm business prospects.
Long range interpersonal communication sites have, now and again, been utilized with the end goal of assisting political plans. This has ended up being noteworthy impediment of person to person communication at numerous spots. China's obstructing of Twitter and Youtube a couple of months before the twentieth commemoration of the Tiananmen Square slaughter, or the utilization of Facebook as a medium for actuating and spreading the message that prompted mobs in London, have been addressed. However these are subjective in nature and could be translated in a positive light
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