The Advantages Of Sports: The Benefits Of Playing Sports

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Sports, a contest or game in which people do certain physical activities per a specific set of rules and compete against each other according to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. People develop mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and basically in every aspect of a person’s development through sports. It is important to start young and teach the youth to be as much as participative in playing sports. The development of a child through sports would help them even as they grow older. Sports have a lot of benefits that will last through out or lives. Benefits of playing o Basic character and morals would be strengthened. Athletes would know and learn how to win and more importantly how to lose. They will learn to be humble with winning, earning awards and receiving numerous praises. By losing, they will learn how to keep on going. To strive for what they seek. To accomplish their goals and fulfill it.…show more content…
It creates a bridge for people from around the world. They will acquire and meet a lot of friends through their journey. Some will be also a big part of your life. Teammates that turn into a family. o Sports help athletes in building confidence and self-esteem. Competitions will make you nervous but as it passes by, you will learn to overcome the nervousness and anxiety. It is healthy for the brain as it releases hormones that would bring positive effects to the person. o Athletes are physically fit and healthy. Sports reduces the risk of having illnesses. It regulates our body’s metabolism. It increases strength, motor skills, and stamina. Playing sports also improves a person’s mood positively. It helps to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy

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