The Advantages Of Starting School At 7: 46

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Can you imagine waking up at 6:30 everyday and going to school for 8 hours? I’m sure you can, because this is a reality we all have to face. And this reality has to change. School starting at 7:46 is not only bad for our health, but is also affects our performance in school. Starting school later is a simple thing to change, and an important one. “Over 20% of U.S. middle schools start the school day at 7:45 a.m. or earlier.” I think it’s time for our school to change, too.

Starting school at 7:46 doesn’t allow middle schoolers to get enough sleep. In our class, 60% of kids only get 8 hours of sleep or less. Mrs. Schwabenland, 7th grade Critical Reading teacher recommends this, “There are two times in life where you grow the most - when you are a baby, and when you are teenager. You need the most sleep during these times, 9 ½ hours is somewhere to aim for” [approval needed]. Starting school later will solve this completely. Starting school at 8:46 will give students over 9 hours of sleep, more than enough time.
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And while teenagers are going to bed later, their school start times are often becoming earlier as they advance through middle and high school.” My solution is this, middle school and high school start times should be later, while elementary school start times should start earlier. Many younger children go to bed early anyway, so naturally they get up early. Also, younger kids starting school earlier will let them be more focused and engaged in the
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