The Advantages Of The Benefits Of Online Shopping

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Benefits of online shopping to consumers The consumer behavior is changing day by day drastically people not using the internet not only to book the tickets, recharge etc but now they also prefer to buy all consumable goods, electronics goods also without much hesitation. The following are the some of Advantages of online shopping they are as follows: 1. More Convenient: online shopping is very convenient customer can buy any product as and when they want without much delay they can easily access the website and get the product which they wish to buy. 2. Offers Better Prices: online shopping gives better deals and reasonable prices because products come to directly from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. Many online shops…show more content…
No physical experience: online shopping does not allow consumers to touch and feel items which they want to purchase. The products like textiles, clothing, furniture etc the quality of these products cannot be measured without having the contact of hands .and the garments cannot be measured if its fits or not. 2. Shipping cost: online shopping involves certain additional charges such shipping or delivery charges. The cost of such charges cannot be bargained by the sellers. This cost may likely to be same as how the others goods will be delivered to door steps when customers purchase fixed retail shops. 3. Costly to return: to shop with online e stores, the customers should aware about all the terms and conditions of purchasing a product, as well as should aware about the return policy otherwise it will be very difficult for the customer to return their product if they do not like. 4. Wait: Through the e stores customers have to wait for their product for long time to get the possession the customer as soon as they place the order they will not get their product

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