Assignment 6.1.4 Analysis

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Assignment 6.1
1. What are the advantages of using pictures and diagrams in a requirements document over representing the requirements using only text?
To capture the full view of any project, requirements analyst must use a combination of diagrams and text when representing requirements. However, diagrams have the advantage of illustrating and communicating types of information more effectively than text possibly can. Diagrams can bridge any type of language and vocabulary barrier that exists amongst developers. Diagrams also have the advantage of helping developers identify missing, and extraneous requirements within their project. Representing requirements only through text would imply that developers would have to analyze a long list of requirements just to find a single inconsistency. Diagrams can also have the ability of
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When implemented into the design process, storyboards are used since they can be produced quickly and at a low cost. Their main source of appeal is that they can go across the nonfunctional requirements of a system at an informal pace where stakeholders can agree and see the form it will take. Storyboards can also be used in conjunction with that of use cases. Once functional requirements are elicited from a workshop, developers have a starting point before working on a project. However, developers have to spend a lot of time to refine the use cases due to the lack of details such as nonfunctional requirements. To go beyond these constraints, storyboard tools can be used to help visualize use cases and add more details to the use case descriptions. A methodology that can be used here is that developers should first find the core requirements of what the developers wants, next developers should use these core requirements found in their use cases to be implemented into storyboards where they can be

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