Disadvantages Of Fossil Fuels Essay

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Advantages of Fossil Fuels: Fossil fuels originate from dead plants and animals. They have been buried underground under large pressure and have become organic fuels sources for today’s use. Some of these fossil fuels include: coal, natural gas, and crude oil; all of these are hydrocarbons. When these fuels are combusted they produce a lot of thermal energy that is used to heat up water, produce steam, and generate electricity through a turbine. Since fossil fuels are our main source of electricity production and are in large need for other things like transportation and the manufacturing of plastics, fossil fuels have become increasingly available. The extraction and refining processes have become so well developed that extracting these fuels has become a very easy procedure; it is also very cheap and even though reserves are emptying, are still very abundant.…show more content…
Fossil fuels are also very easy to transport and store; natural gas through pipelines, and crude oil and coal through tankers and fuel trucks. Because these fuels consist of only hydrogen and carbon, they are relatively stable molecules and generally do not undergo nuclear decay. Unlike other fuel sources like wind and solar energy, fossil fuels produce a large amount of energy when they undergo combustion. This is called the calorific value and refers to the amount of energy produced when a volume of gas is completely combusted (kJ/kg). Since this value is very large for fossil fuels (44,800 for diesel and 46,200 for kerosene), they are an ideal fuel for cars, but also for power stations. Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels: Generally speaking fossil fuels are the most economic and efficient source of energy,

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