The African-American Revolution

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During the War of Independence, it was known to this day that Americans argued for their liberty and freedom against the oppressive Great Britain. The Africans were the same during the time of the Revolutionary Era. The Revolutionary Era happened starting in 1763, after a great amount of victories by the British. This happened at the end of the French and Indian War when the North American colonies became a treat to Britain. This era had a huge impact on the African Americans, which a lot of people tend to forget. After the British were defeated at Yorktown, many Americans forget how much of a role African Americans played during the War of Independence. As the thirteen colonies broke away from Great Britain, it is unknown to how African…show more content…
“They fought at Fort Ticonderoga and the Battle of Bunker Hill, as well as the Battle at Lexington. A slave helped Washington across the Delaware. “(Digital History, 1)Altogether, thousands of free blacks and slaves served in the Continental army during the Revolution. “By 1778, many states, including Virginia, granted freedom to slaves who served in the Revolutionary war. “(Digital History,1) The revolution had amazing effects on slavery, and thousands of slaves won their freedom by serving on both sides of the War of Independence. As a result of the Revolution, a surprising number of slaves were liberated, while thousands of other slaves ran away to be freed. Many slaves in the south ran away and were able to achieve…show more content…
African-Americans fought for both sides, manpower to both the British and America. They fought with the post war promise that they were going to get freedom in the end. However, in the end, yes, African Americans’ experience did change the status of the aftermath of the war. Many things happened after they fought and slavery changed overall as a whole. For example, the “Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 freed many African Americans in the states, and after the Civil War, the Thirteenth Amendment emancipated all U.S. slaves. “ (Reconstruction and Its Aftermath, 1) As a result, now there was the problem about all the Southern blacks now facing the difficulty that the Northern blacks had faced: being free around all the whites that were against slaved being
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