The Afrikaners: The Contributions Of Imperialism And Colonialism

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According to Giliomee.H :The Afrikaners: biography of a people, “the political zeal and ideological bigotry applied by Afrikaner nationalists went beyond economic interests.”. As religion and education were the fundamental attracting factors for many imperialists to colonies, a correspondence emerged between racial segregation and racial religious thought developed. The formation of the Afrikaaner Christian Nationalist church became a tool used in the social engineering of the population and Christianity became the subservient to national ideology, conceptualized by the colonial masquerading under the guise of science.
The Afrikaaner Christian nationalist church became the stronghold for racial purity center around the principle that “Apartheid enjoyed the full blessing of god” PB Van de Watt, Die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk, Part 4: (1905-1975), pp. 87-92. The books of genesis and Acts became the theological base of apartheid as they were interpreted with a predisposed mindset. “The account of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 was the main text and was interpreted as a justification for the existence of separate languages, cultures, nations and races.”Naicker.l. A shared ideology was created amongst the afrikaaner community, which centered their belief on the theological information. Furthermore stating that “the Black man can be himself, with his own church and his own Bible” Watt.P.
The division of races was a conscious act of god and therefore it necessary to follow

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