The Afterlife In Eben Alexander's 'Proof Of Heaven'

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Eben Alexander makes an argument in his book “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.” According to Eben, you could experience an afterlife through a near death experience. Eben Alexander’s authority as a neurosurgeon describes his near death experience that will maybe help scientists and their theory of an afterlife. He argues that his shared experiences while he was in his seven day coma was not a form of an illusion. He wants to prove to everyone what he went through was real. I consider the genre of the book to be an autobiography. The academic conversation that the book is contributing is the idea that there is an afterlife from a neurosurgeon’s point of view. For example, in the ‘Anchor to Life’ chapter, Eben states “As much as I’d grown up wanting to believe in God and Heaven and an afterlife, my decades in the rigorous scientific world of academic neurosurgery had profoundly called into question how such things could exist.” This is ironic because him being in a coma changes his theory. Eben starts the book off with his pain which is the title of his first chapter. From that chapter on, he starts to talk about what’s going on in the hospital, his rare condition, and his experiences in his afterlife. He alters his point of view from his life prior to the coma and the coma…show more content…
He engages the reader with his life and what he went through. His argument is very clear that “afterlife” does exist if you were ever to encounter a near death experience. It is important to note Alexander’s dramatic change of theory once he was in a coma. Prior to his near death experience, Alexander was just a neurosurgeon. He was all about science and how could something cease to exist? He changed his view of things and he realized praying is a big aspect. Despite the criticism that he faced, Alexander knows what he saw and no one can tell him otherwise. What a life changing
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