The Iliad Analysis

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Mrs. Jihan Al Mouallem

English Literature and Arts

21 October 2014

The Iliad Theme Analysis

The Iliad begins when the Trojan War had already begun and was in progress. It focuses on the events that took place in the ninth year of the Trojan War. In the first line of the book, one of the most constant and epic themes established is ‘Rage’ which is mainly driven by ‘Pride’. In this first line, the theme of rage established is the rage of Achilles. However, in the book, we can see the rage of different characters at different intervals.

The rage of Achilles, that is talked about in the first book, took place in the ninth year of the Achaean attack on Troy and the primary reason behind this rage was the pride of different
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As the book states: “Agamemnon did not forget the threat that he had made Achilles, and called his trusty messengers and squires Talthybius and Eurybates.”Go," said he, "to the tent of Achilles, son of Peleus; take Briseis by the hand and bring her hither; if he will not give her I shall come with others and take her- which will press him harder." This action was taken by Agamemnon to sooth his pride which was hurt at this point. Achilles took the loss of Briseis as something that would hurt his pride and ego and also prove to be humiliating because she was a prize that was given to Achilles by Agamemnon because of his courage. When Agamemnon took away his polished prize, he not only humiliated him but also devalued his contributions as a warrior; therefore after Agamemnon takes away his prize, Achilles withdraws angrily from the battle, because of which the Greeks suffer heavily. This suffering can be pointed back to the pride and stubbornness of…show more content…
Pride was something of utmost importance to the Greeks and looking at these two characters and the events that took place, we now know why. Of these two, Agamemnon was probably the one who had the most greed and pride which led to his downfall. Also, it was because of Agamemnon that the Greek army suffered so many casualties in the wars. Achilles also demonstrated pride at various occasions and could definitely not control his emotions once his pride was hurt. One could take this story as a lesson that everything used in the wrong way will lead to his breakdown and
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