The Age Of Duality In The Victorian Era

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The Victorian Age which was started in 1837 with the succession of the crown of queen Victoria, was the age of duality and contradictions. Duality in literature, science, religion, society and life surrounded the period. In one hand, there were a strict perception of religion and moral on the other hand there were prostitutes and child laborers. The economical contradiction was also at the top of its age. While the industrial revolution was actualizing, the class structure of England capsized. The Industrial Revolution resulted in rising of the middle class and working class whereas aristocracy was falling over. In this age;
The middle class was getting richer mostly through manufacturing enterprises and, although it can be talked about the emergence of a national market, it was not unified and its biggest problem was the regional diversity. Factories were built in every city, thousands of people left their villages and tried their luck in the big cities, which, in turn, started to become overcrowded and polluted. The development of the banking system spread across the country in the second half of the 19th century. Nobility was banished to the margins of society as a whole new social class of people started to predominate. (Šalinović 219)
In Webster’s 20th century dictionary, “Victorian” is an adjective which is described as “showing the middle class respectability, prudery, bigotry, generally attributed to the Victorians” (qtd. in Urgan 947). Moreover, the religious side
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