Summary Of Aids By Peter Redman

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In the reading by Peter Redman, he raises the argument that the ‘AIDS carrier” becomes the central representation of the HIV epidemic and how the representations of HIV cannot be narrowed down to one cause. In addition, the ‘AIDS carrier’ is represented as monster and the carrier spreads HIV from the deviant subpopulations to the mainstream. Also, AIDS has been connected to social and moral issues and singles out groups like gay men, black people, and young single women. These groups are then viewed as diseased subpopulations and that causes others to feel disgust and panic. The heterosexual men are then afraid to have physical or emotional contact with men in general and that’s why boundaries of heterosexual masculinity were produced. In the reading by Leo Bersani, he argues how AIDS, a public…show more content…
How the AIDS epidemic is more so for entertain purposes and also those to blame guilty for not adjusting their behaviors. Therefore, because they choose not to they are causing dangers to themselves and others. The media wants to forget about those in the supposedly “deviant subculture”. A great example from the Bersani’s reading would be how television would include the family dog before they would include the gay sister or brother. This goes to show how much power the media has on society and framing identities. I think both Redman and Bersani’s arguments are convincing because these are things I have witnessed myself visually, experienced, or knows someone who has experiences these claims. I believe Redman’s arguments are convincing because his claims reason why certain groups get treated and viewed differently. One of his strengths is emphasizing a particular idea over and over and explaining why the venereological model of HIV interest people so much more. That is important because it explains the fears and anxieties that account for the horror genre, which is
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