The Airline Industry: Cathay Pacific

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erently by different individuals and authors. The process of innovation however, remains one of the best approaches that organisations utilise in seeking to enhance the business operations that they undertake. Generally, it can be described as the process of utilising different approaches of conducting the core business of the organisation through the introduction of new products and services or the application of unique methods of production of these services (Trott 2008). Within many industries, organisations utilise innovation as a sustainability element as it keeps the organisations within the competition through ensuring the services provided are relevant to the needs of customers and the changing business environments.
Cathay Pacific
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In terms of market capitalisation, the company has been ranked as the third largest airline globally. It has also been accorded the tittle of the largest cargo carrier airline in the world by the international air transport association. As a result of this, the home hub of the airline has also become the world’s busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic (Denslow 2011). This has provided the company with an opportunity to seize the market for cargo due to increased exports form China to many of the destinations which the company covers. As a result of the operations effectiveness of the company, the airline has been awarded the Airline of the Year awards a record four times, which is more than any other airline around the…show more content…
The utilization of wide-body planes by Cathay Pacific has provided the company with an opportunity for maximisation of the comfort that is provided to the travellers. The company has adopted an innovative measure for transforming the seats to become more comfortable through ailing more space as well as different position to which the seats can be adjusted. This has been an innovative programme for upgrading the seats in many of the planes owned by the company. The plan made the seats to become fully flat, and be able to provide a bed extensions for travellers to sleep. The dimensions of the seats have been significantly improved to make the set wider and more comfortable to the travellers. Many of these seats are available on the long-distance planes as the comfort of customers remains critical in long journeys. This has not been a new feature but an improvement on already existing services that the company
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