The Alamo Movie Analysis

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The movie The Alamo is based on the Texas independence. The Battle of the Alamo was when Texans, commanded by Colonel William Travis, James Bowie, and Davy Crockett, were trapped in an abandoned church. The Mexican Army of nearly 1,500 soldiers under the command of General Santa Anna attacked them. Toward the end of the movie during the Battle of San Jacinto where General Sam Houston and his men took on the battered soldiers of Santa Anna’s army. This battle later led to the independence of Texas. The Alamo starred many important people. The main characters in the movie were Colonel W. Travis, J. Bowie, D. Crockett, and Santa Anna. Colonel Travis was the commander of the army. While he was preparing to the leave for battle, he got a divorce. He got to keep his son. He couldn’t take his son to battle so he told a family to look after him. James Bowie, he was a …show more content…

It had no roof and hardly and support. It had walls on the outside but they were thin. They had to reinforce them. James Bowie had typhoid pneumonia by now. He couldn’t do any fighting. He was very sick. The Mexican Army tried several attacks on the Texans, but failed everytime. The Americans were going to Mexico to declare Texas independence. The Americans want to be independent. The Mexicans did not want them to be. Colonel Travis sent letters to Sam Houston. He told him to get men ready and come in to help. Houston waited until it was just the right time. They would launch attacks on the Texans. They tried over and over. The Texans held them off. One night Santa Anna told his troops to get ready. They were going to attack the Texans during the middle of the Night. They were all in position. Davy heard them. The war was on now. They went back and forth for a while. The Mexican Army was to powerful. Colonel Travis was dead. The Mexicans came into their base and destroyed them. Jim Bowie was stabbed to death. They had to

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