The Alchemist Chapter Summaries

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Chapter One: The Beginning of The End Legends have spoken of a mythical place, a place called The Nowhere. Many travellers have dared the treacherous journey in search of eternal riches, happiness and fulfillment of any and all human desires, but no single soul has made it there thus far. The path to Nowhere takes you across green fields, deep forests, snowy mountain tops, narrow canyons and cross rivers, lakes and oceans. The path there is long and hard, but if legends hold any truth, the adventure there is worth it. Stories of mountains of gold, silver and precious jewels as far as the eye can see, all protected by a vicious dragon called Khadib. Khadib has been said to have protected Nowhere for thousands of years, torching through even…show more content…
For my journey, I stole a horse from my uncles shed, and a sword from a local blacksmith. I am well aware of the dangers that I 'm going to be faced with, but my parents death shall be avanged! Chapter Two: Dangerous Encounter Having embarked on his quest, Fagarous was quickly met with a few setbacks. One of them being a camp of ravages called The Takers. The Takers were notorious for their animal-like behaviour, killing anyone in their path. Fagarous was not one to take on a whole camp of such beings, backing up slowly from the newly found camp, drawing minimal attention to himself. Having created seemingly enough distance between him and the trolls, Fagarous decided that the best option here is to take a longer but safer route, avoiding any further encounters with The Takers. Assuming his safety, Fagarous was no-longer worried about The Takers, and picked up on a lovely tune to whistle, almost singing in symphony with the birds. As he whistled, happily riding along a narrow footpath next to a rushing stream, he heard a crack and rattling in the treeline right next to him. Seconds later his path was blocked by one of the trolls from The Takers camp, wielding a battle
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