The Alchemist Character Analysis

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In the book, The Alchemist, there are many major themes but the one that I took from it and could relate to was “fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself.” Throughout the story, Santiago goes through many challenges that he is afraid of that when he finally does them he discovers that they were much easier than anticipated. Santiago feared the thought of failure, leaving his home to find his treasure, leaving the crystal shop to fulfill his destiny, and to tell the chief he can turn into the wind. I, like Santiago, have had times in my life where I feared doing things and the greater obstacle was my fear and overthinking than the activity itself. The instances I chose from my own life to relate to Santiago were; when I do a new flip on snow, the first time I flew on a plane by myself, the first time I went surfing, and self-advocating by talking to…show more content…
He told the chief that he could turn himself into the wind and the chief agreed to let them go if could truly turn himself into the wind. Santiago had a great amount of self-doubt and felt uncertain that he would be able to turn himself into the wind. After 3 days, Santiago was able to turn himself into the wind and prove to himself that could accomplish what he set out to do. Once again, his self-doubt was unfounded. He knew that fear was the greater obstacle than the obstacle itself. Because of my learning disability, I have had to learn to advocate for myself from a young age. This is a very scary endeavor for a young child and even young adult. There feels like an imbalance of power and it is intimidating to go and talk to a teacher who holds all of the power when you are a small child. I have learned that teachers are usually very kind and understanding. They tend to listen to you when you approach them in an honest manner. I feel that this skill has become invaluable as I navigate my
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