The Alchemist Quotes

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While Santiago was on the quest to find his Personal Legend, he began to forge a close relationship with a caravan driver that was taking him to an oasis. The caravan driver did not look like much, but he had proven to be a very wise man that has much wisdom to offer. During their voyage, tribe wars had begun to take place and everyone seemed to be worried about it except for this driver. Santiago had asked why this was so, and the caravan driver had responded that he does not think about the past, and he does not worry about the future. Instead, he only thinks about what is happening right in front of him and that by doing so he had found the key to his happiness. He also went on to explain how you can not change your past, nor can you change your future. However, if you take your time and live in the moment, only then will you truly live your life. Santiago, who only thinks about his future, learned that the caravan driver’s wisdom is true. When Santiago had fully absorbed this knowledge it would greatly change what he thought about the world. Instead of fixating on what would happen, he learned to take a step back and fully enjoy the experiences that were right in front of him.…show more content…
When I was younger all I used to do was worry about my family, and what I would become later in life. It wasn’t until about Freshman year that I learned to let go and whatever happens, happens. Once I learned to do this I later came to accept who I was, and I learned that everything would be okay. After I did this I became happier in my life. Winging it would almost come to be second nature, this is how I became quick with comebacks and to always have a response even if I don 't hear half of what the person has to say. Once I read this quote in The Alchemist it gave me a sign that how I’m taking life is a solid way to do it. Out of the 170 pages in the book, this is why that one specific quote stood out to
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