The Monster In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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In “The Metamorphosis”, we have a son who had given everything and had devoted himself to help his family. It is so, that he worked himself until he was nothing, but a useless insect and was alienated from his family circle, the people he tried to truly help. He gave his all, and that wasn’t enough to be accepted and helped after he became this “monster”. We have a character that his work made him become almost nothing, he was rejected by his family and even though he was in this complex situation he tried to do what was best for his family. Even in his state he makes the impossible to find all the reasons and way to work and to not cause more trouble. “That for the time being he must remain calm and, by being patient and showing every consideration, try to help his family bear the burdens that his present condition had placed upon them.” (Kafka, parr. 37) He feels guilty he can’t continue working for his family, and it seems like it is his fault that he had become an insect. He believes now he is the one he that has to show…show more content…
One should make a balance in order to have more than one thing to live for. Humans always are questioned their actions and their being, but by showing in actions how complete and competent we are there is no need to provide an explanation. Gregor became a slave of his family and his idea of what he had to do to make them happy. He lost himself in all that work and the end it didn’t give anything back to him. In conclusion, I think this story teaches us that life not only is work or you’ll lose yourself. We have to earn our place in this world by being us and not question others. Obtaining goals and having a promotion in work won’t make you happy. Yes, it will help for a “better life” in this world of consumerism, but your soul would be empty. Focus on yourself, because others won’t and just keep moving forward in
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