Similarities Between Zeus And Prometheus

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The myth started out with two brothers named Epimetheus and Prometheus. During that time, only men roamed the Earth. Zeus created women later because of his anger that Prometheus cared so much for mankind. Even though Zeus declared that man did not deserve fire, Prometheus still decided to steal fire for them. He also arranged that men should get the best part of any animal sacrifice and that the gods should get the worst. This angered Zeus and he swore to get revenge. As a punishment, Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock for many years. But that punishment was not enough for Zeus. Once Prometheus was chained to a rock, Zeus went after Epimetheus. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create a beautiful woman. Since she looked so beautiful, all the gods…show more content…
They also may have lost their innocence. Pandora lost her innocence when she let many evils out because she let curiosity get the best of her and put people at risk. Prometheus stealing fire could also be considered as the Fall because he also lost his innocence. This fall is often accompanied by expulsion as a penalty from disobedience. In Prometheus’ case, he was chained to a rock for many years. For a symbolic archetype, light vs. dark, hope and renewal would represent light and ignorance and despair would represent darkness. In “Pandora’s Box”, the box represents darkness and hope represents the light. The box was considered darkness because it contained a lot of bad attributes, while light was considered hope because even in a lot of darkness, the light could be seen. This relates to the myth because the tiny hope overpowered the darkness and brought happiness to mankind. A character archetype would be the Gothic hero because Pandora can be kind of considered as someone who has flaws, but great looks. Pandora’s flaw is that she’s too curious and that made her release bad attributes into the world. With her charms and her beauty, Pandora seduced Epimetheus into marrying her. Also, she received many gifts from all the gods because they were amazed by her and her
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