The Allegory Of Plato's Cave

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Final Exam Plato’s cave allegory demonstrates how blinded we could be by the world around us. Plato proves to us that we are able to think and speak for ourselves even if we have no prior knowledge of a certain subject. Prisoners were enslaved in a cave while not being able to turn their heads all they could see was what was in front of them. The puppeteers would project the image of puppets which provided the enslaved with the shadow of what they thought was reality. The prisoners had a perception of what they thought was a real object but instead it was just a projection of fiction that was not real along with the echoes that were portrayed inside of the cave. Appearance and reality played an important role in this story because it was the truth and what the prisoners were perceiving. One of the prisoners is released and is forced to go outside and see the fire and sunlight. Their eyes…show more content…
In present day society we have a lot of people affected by realism and fantasy. Everything in our country is being shown in one way and could be the complete opposite when wanting to accept it. The media plays a large role on this topic because they could advertise such a wonderful commercial and when you actually visit the location there is always a catch. For example a store is advertising ten dollar jeans; you get all excited and start spreading and telling everyone you know about the jeans. When you finally reach your destination the jeans are only ten dollars if you spend hundred or more on clothing within the store. This goes to show that you have spent the last week thinking receiving ten dollar jeans were real and when you actually saw the truth behind the advertisement you comprehend that it was all a lie. That media had a huge impact on how you analyzed a decision or
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