The Almost Kiss Short Story

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The Almost Kiss Adolescent: 1972, subject age, 15 years - Mom and Dad were having a barbeque party. Many of their friends were there. Sam was here with his parents and two sisters. Krissy was in the kitchen helping Mom with the potato salad. Dad was outside at the smoking barbeque turning burger patties and hotdogs. Krissy put the last spices in the potato salad and took it out to the picnic table. Mom followed her out with a big bowl of baked beans. Sam was there munching on chips and dip. “Can I help with anything?” He asked Krissy. “Yeah, come with me, you can help bring out the condiments.” They both stepped into the kitchen. No one was there. Krissy opened the refrigerator and started handing Sam bottles of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, and jalapeños. She picked up one more item from the back shelf, a jar half full of pickles. She turned from the refrigerator and suddenly found herself face to face with Sam. His arms were full of condiments, he was very close and she could feel his breath on her cheek. He leaned toward her and she closed her eyes, their lips touched. Krissy dropped the jar of pickles and it shattered on the floor. The magical moment was instantly broken. Sam put the condiments on the counter and began helping her clean up the mess. Mom came through the door, “Is everything ok in here?” She looked at Krissy and Sam who were both blushing. “I accidently dropped the pickles, sorry,” Krissy said, looking sideways at Sam who was re-loading his arms
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