The Amadori Case Study: Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence: Case Studies The Amadori Case Abstract: Amadori is a supplier of McD in Europe. This study of this case assesses the links between the emotional intelligence & organizational engagement, organization as well as individual performance. Questions Addressed: • Is individual performance affected by EI? • Is organizational engagement affected by EI? • Is organizational performance affected by EI? Background: It is one of the leading companies in agro-food sector. Turnover in 2011 was $1.2 billion euros. Founded 40yrs ago in San Vittore di Cesena. It is a supplier of poultry in several countries in Europe. The focus of senior management was more on people management and development, after the internal analysis of 2007, as a strategic priority. The HR team in 2008 evaluated the company’s performance management process and realized that integrating EI into the leadership culture could be a key ingredient for success. Co. created a new performance management process along with “The Amadori Academy” to focus more on real-world training. EI: EI was measured with SEI consisting of 8 core competencies divided into 3 macro areas: • Self-Awareness, called “Know Yourself” consist 2 competencies: Enhance Emotional Literacy & Recognize patterns. • Self-Management, called “Choose Yourself” consist 4 competencies: Apply Consequential Thinking, Navigate Emotions, Engage Intrinsic Motivation & Exercise Optimism.  Self-Direction, called “Give Yourself” consist of 2

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