The Amazon Warrior Women In Greek Mythology

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Imagine a group of women riding on horses, firing arrows at men dressed in battle armour and carrying swords. Imagine women who hunted and fought just like men. Imagine women battling Greek heroes like Hercules. These women were the Amazons, fierce warriors who lived in ancient Greece. The Amazon warrior women played an important role in Greek mythology, had interesting lives, and had a complicated history.
The Amazon warrior women were important in the stories of Greek mythology. The Greek hero Hercules, a famous character in mythology, had to get the girdle of the Amazon queen Hippolyte. The Amazon Penthesilea led an army to fight for Troy. She was killed by Achilles (another popular hero), but as her helmet fell, he fell in love with her. Theseus attacked the Amazons, who then invaded Attics, a city in Athens. Theseus eventually married the Amazon Antiope. The Greeks made many ceramics depicting events in mythology. There are ceramics from the sixth-century B.C. that show Amazons fighting Greek heroes. The stories of Amazons in Greek mythology are interesting, but
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They were warriors who rode horses, used bows and arrows, and hunted like men. They were skilled in archery, and their arrows were believed to be poisonous. The Amazons “spent days at a time on horseback; often, their legs were bowed from so much riding.” (Rothman, The Real Amazons, 7) They tamed dogs and hunted with eagles. The lives of Amazons followed a yearly cycle, with some big gatherings for funerals, feasting, and sporting competitions. The Amazons wore trousers, long sleeved tunics, and pointed hats with ear flaps. A Scythian (The Scythians were the evolution of the Amazons) kurgan that was excavated in 2013 by L. Yablonsky contained wealthy goods, and a skeleton in trousers and a tunic. The grave also contained tattooing equipment. As you can see, the lives of the Amazons were very different from our own. Their history was unique as

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