Essay On David Lawrence Ambiguity

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1. Introduction

As one of the most controversial authors of British Modernist fiction, David Herbert Lawrence dealt with themes such as human relationships, sexuality and gender issues. He was often criticized for his freedom of speech that he developed through his characters, putting the emphasis on their position in the society.
“D. H. Lawrence occupies an ambiguous position in British culture, simultaneously associated as he is in the public consciousness with the realms of high art, popular romantic fiction and soft porn.” (Taylor 105) It is why his novels were of a huge importance when it comes to film adaptations, since they were created boldly, without a censure, exploring the relationships between men and women, and even some homosexual and bisexual. The ambiguity is a product of the history of the publication of his books and journalism. It is reproduced each time one of his novels or stories is translated into a stage play, a radio play, a television play, an audio tape, a film or a video. At the same time, it is that ambiguity which makes the play, tape, film, or video commercially viable.” (Ibid) The ambiguity of Lawrence’s works that Neil Taylor discusses in his essay is the ambiguity related to the previously mentioned topics that were developed in his
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The cast of the movie was marvellous, bringing together all the names that were crucial for cinematography of the time; Allan Bates as Birkin, Oliver Reed as Gerald, Glenda Jackson as Gudrun and Jennie Linden as Ursula. However, even though these four characters were considered to be the most important when it comes to the novel, in the film adaptation there are some more of them who contributed the main idea of the battle of the sexes, such as Elanor Bron as Hermione and Vladek Sheybal as
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