The America I Love Analysis

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Hell on earth has been redefined for many. Some may perceive it as a typical annoyance, however others may see it as literal torture in scenarios such as the Holocaust. In the Buchenwald concentration camp that Elie Wiesel attended, he encountered the first American soldiers. To them, perceiving just a glimpse of how the Jews were living was enough to make them bewildered and unable to comprehend what was going on. To them, it was unknown as to what to do or what to say. Within the poem, the situation was being constantly compared and differentiated to different things in order to portray how inconceivable the moment was to not only the soldiers, but the hostages kept within the concentration camps as well. In “The America I Love,” Elie Wiesel used similes and metaphors to portray how the American soldiers felt after…show more content…
These similes and metaphors compare the soldiers with various things, as well as the Buchenwald concentration camp with multiple places similar to it. Not only similes and metaphors were used within this poem, but a lot of phrases that represent sympathy from both points of view. Although it isn’t directly said what the American soldiers are thinking about, Elie Wiesel guesses at their feelings through their actions, therefore leading to making connections with his own head. In this poem, this is how the American soldiers reacted when they saw the Hellish living conditions that the Jews were living in. This wasn’t the first bad thing that they’ve seen though, since they have successfully fought in World War II. If a normal, everyday person were to be escorted to these concentration camps to come get the Jews as a volunteer, what would their reaction be? Would it be similar to those of the American soldiers’, or would it be different? If so,
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